Adventures In Eclipse Learning

The Great American Eclipse is less than a month away. Are you planning exciting ways to further your child’s education and experiences through this? Need help getting started? Here are a few ideas.


How far are we from the sun? The moon? How often does an eclipse happen?

Natural Science

Observe nature before, during, and after the eclipse. Watch day animals sleep, birds roost, cows moo. Hear crickets and night critters come out (depending on the temperature). Feel a rush of wind preceding the darkness.


Follow the moon’s trajectory. Can you see any other planets or constellations at this time? During totality, can you see the moon’s mountains outlined in the sun’s rays?


Track the eclipse path. Can you name the states, capitols, major cities, smaller cities. Research which towns are having eclipse festivals.


Realize God is good, orderly, and has everything in control. Look up Bible verses on the stars, creation, His hands. Read them aloud.


Research great astronomers. Write a report or essay about their life, what drew them to the stars, what discoveries they made.

For more hands on activities, check out this video. Remember to have fun!