Do You Struggle Teaching Your Child? There’s Great Potential there!

If you homeschool for any period of time, you may come across a different learner. It’s not that he’s slow, just different. Kim Quon from FHE gives this story of struggling learner to world leader. It was posted in 2015, but is as timely now as it was then.

If you’ve been in the homeschool circles for long, you know that there is a saying that goes around. If someone asks homeschooled child what grade they are in, they will likely ask “what subject?” Our children all have skill sets, but not all of them are extremely academic. They may excel in the arts, or in sports, or any variety of talents. Many need to work with their hands. However, don’t discount their abilities just because they are unable to spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious OR quote the never-ending numbers of PI. Meet them where they are and progress from there and NEVER, EVER give up on them. Below is a wonderful reminder of what can happen when we just let our children thrive and learn at their own pace.

In 1940, Hitler and his Nazi forces were infiltrating North Africa. In Europe, country after country had either fallen to Germany’s military forces or buckled under Nazi pressure.

On May 10, Nazi parachutists landed deep inside the Netherlands and captured bridges. Though Belgian, British, and French troops were working to defend it, the Nazis had also entered Belgium that same day. And, also on May 10, the Nazis had crossed the tiny country of Luxembourg.

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