Preparing For The Future

As we sit indoors, trying hard to motivate our children while we try to motivate ourselves, we remind ourselves that summer is only a few months away. It’s time to plan for the summer and fall school schedules now. Here are a few helpful hints.

First, get organized. While the kids are reading quietly, you can take advantage of the time and look at what you have. What did you use this year? What did not work? What needs further development, maybe into summer or the next school year? Maybe helpful grandparents can watch the kids while you organize the school area. Sort by age level or by subject matter. As long as you can readily access it later, it works.

Next, as you swim through the load of educational material you have, decide what you need and want for the next school year. The spring can be a buyers’ market with lower prices on slightly used items. In the fall, prices and demand go higher. The spring usually offers more time for the homeschool mom. With that time, she can sell her unused or slightly used material. Using that money, she can buy more material for the following year. Curriculums and homeschool fairs bring discounts at this time. A good idea is to use the child tax credit refund for additional educational materials.

By taking time now for organization and restructure, your students can thrive better in the following years.