Meeting Notes Interviews Enrichment Day VBS Director

The Homeschooling 101 Enrichment Day is coming up quickly on January 28, 2023, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm at the Alton Assembly of God Church. The local news site,, got a chance to interview the Enrichment Day VBS Director Amanda Thomas.

Amanda Thomas talked about what would happen at the Enrichment Day such as speakers, lunch, and VBS, and she also talked about how the end goal in homeschooling is worth the toil and struggle.

Because in the end, it is worth the toil and struggle to see your kids succeed; to see your kids do what God wants; to see your kids follow God’s leadership; to see your kid be a leader, and be successful.

Amanda Thomas, Homeschooling 101 Enrichment Day VBS director

The Enrichment Day is for anyone interested in homeschooling or is currently homeschooling, whether a veteran or a newbie.

To check more out about the speakers you can go to this post. We hope to see you there!