Meeting Notes

Homeschool 101 Enrichment Day Schedule

Alton is hosting a Homeschooling 101 Enrichment Day. As homeschooling is seeing tremendous growth the last few years, and as Alton is seeing many new-to-homeschooling families, the local homeschool group is assembling experts to go over the basics of schooling at home.

Who Can Attend?

The public is invited. Homeschool families are encouraged to attend. Those who may homeschool in the future, even grandparents or relatives, are invited to come. This event is FREE! Although this is directed to Missourians and Missouri laws, those in Arkansas can also attend the sessions.

Who Is Speaking?

There are four experts lined up to speak.

Orilla Crider -Christian, Family Friendly, State Wide organization – is an HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Assoc) expert. She will go over the homeschooling laws in Missouri.

UPDATE: Kim Quon- represents St. Louis, Missouri, in the FHE (Families for Home Education). Her topics include ‘What homeschooling is and isn’t, and Finding Your Why,’ and Why You Should Be Involved In Knowing About Homeschool Legislation. The groups will then separate between dads and moms.

Christy Richardson– determined, joyful, opinionated- will speak directly to the women in “A Homeschool’s Mom’s Roles and Goals.”

Not dismissing the fathers, Shane Richardson– expectant, passionate, boring- will speak on “A Father’s Role And Goal.”

Shane and Christy Richardson are veteran homeschoolers. They have helped many families on their homeschool journey. They have 4 beautiful children of which only one is yet at home. Still homeschooling, they are also considered alumni with the wealth of knowledge gained over the years.

The group convenes for a charge to keep schooling strong. A free lunch follows. During this lunch, the speakers will answer questions during a planned Q & A.

Throughout this time, the homeschooled teens are hosting a high-impact one day VBS using the Answers in Genesis program. All children whose parents are attending the Enrichment Day program can come.

When Is This?

This takes place Saturday, January 28, 2023, between 9-1.

Where Is This?

The Alton Assembly of God is hosting the event. The parents will be upstairs in the sanctuary; the children will be downstairs in the fellowship hall.

What Else?

This is FREE! No cost to hear live, in-person speakers. Free lunch, although a donation box will be set out. Families are encouraged to come, get encouraged.

This is Enrichment Day because all homeschool families will be enriched by hearing these speakers. It’s 101 because the foundations of homeschooling in Missouri will be discussed.

The Alton Assembly of God Church allows the homeschool groups to set up tables with displays of various curricula. Parents can see all that is available and how it will be used.