Enrichment Day Supplies- Can You Donate?

The Homeschool 101 Enrichment Day is coming up at the end of January. We can use help getting the necessary supplies. If you can donate even a part of the list, it would be appreciated. We are expecting over 100 people so for each item, we need a minimum of 100.

  • Ties: men’s, no clip ons or bow ties. You will Not get these back so do not donate your ‘nice’ ones
  • plastic bags- Like clean Walmart bags. We need at least 3 per child
  • thin cardboard: like cereal boxes or macaroni and cheese boxes. Not what your air conditioners come in
  • name tags
  • glue sticks, Elmers or like matter
  • dixie cups, napkins, plates, regular size cups
  • staplers
  • toothpicks- minimum 12 per child
  • stickers- like travel stickers
  • gems, small, crafty stick-ons
  • sandwich bags
  • brown lunch bags

That’s all for now. We would like help providing the lunch.