Gift Ideas For The Homeschool Family

It’s Christmas and we love to give gifts. But deciding what to give can be a chore. Like that homeschool family. They don’t watch television or play video games. What could they possibly want? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Gift cards. Places like Homescience Tools or Christian Book Distributors have gifts and ideas for all ages.
  2. School tools. This can be books, art equipment, paper and pens, even decorations.
  3. Coupons. How about a coupon for an afternoon off? You can watch the kids at a park or take them to a museum. Parents can experience burnout, too.
  4. Anything science. Rocks, science kits, fingerprint ideas and books. So much out there. You can check Ebay for additional supplies.
  5. Map or posters. How about a globe?
  6. Educational games. They’re the best which gets the children thinking and talking.

Does this get your idea brain working? Homeschool families are trying to do it on their own, while bringing their child up or above state required levels. Just like a public school classroom, each family has members with different interests and needs. You can make a difference.