Does Your Teen Want To Attend Teenpact But Can’t Afford It? Here Are Some Ideas!

Teenpact is an excellent choice for many homeschool families. Some choose it for the government credit; others choose it for the lifelong friendships their children will make. Yet others choose Teenpact to show that each person can influence the future.


But Teenpact is not cheap. Classes are held in every state in the corresponding capitol. As Alton is not near Jefferson City, we choose to pay for our travel expenses and hotel charges, besides Teenpact registration and food. Homeschool families often come with more than one child. This requires larger hotel rooms.


While thinking on the costs, one should think on the benefits, also. This experience allows your child to learn the governmental process, usually meeting with our own elected officials! He will make homeschool friends from around the state, possibly around the country. He has the opportunity of running for political office and submitting homework Not graded by mom. He will grow in his Christian walk. Of course, with teens, there is a lot of fun, laughter, and food!


So now you may be thinking, how can we do this? There are fund-raising ideas out there!

Get friends involved in a car wash or bake sale

Ask local community leaders for financial support

Sell things around your house

Save your spare change

Have an auction

These are just a few ideas.

What Is Teenpact?

Are you interested in what Teenpact is? Here is the website with homework assignments and class dates. To get a feel of class size and some of what happens, you can watch a movie made from the last three years by going to YouTube here.

If you have further questions or want to speak with someone who has attended the last 6 years, please contact amanda@altonmo.com, or jennifer@altonmo.com.