Young Writers- Learn How To Write A Story That Doesn’t Fall Apart!

Do you have an aspiring storyteller in your family?

Young writers often struggle to develop a story idea that doesn’t fall apart when they start writing it. 

They know it’s missing something . . . but they can’t put their finger on what it is.

And, parents often find themselves at a loss to help their children with this–after all, you’re not a fiction writer!

That’s why we want to give your children the chance to learn from published authors for free.

We’ve gathered homeschool-favorite authors like S.D. Smith, Chuck Black, Kara Swanson, and more to teach your children how to create their next amazing story idea.

And we’re running a special one-week challenge where we’ll walk them through the core ingredients for crafting a fantastic story concept for their next novella, novel, or short story.

(Whether they’re writing a story for the first time or the sixteenth time!)
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During each day of the free challenge, students will . . .

  • Watch a 10-minute video from a variety of experienced authors on how to best include key story ingredients.
  • Fill out a robust (but fun!) worksheet that walks them through how to use that story ingredient effectively.
  • Give and receive feedback with other participants in our private, moderated community.

Our goal is for every student who puts in the work to emerge with a brand new concept that contains all the key ingredients needed for a robust story.

How would you like to see your child learning from experienced Christian authors and emerging at the end of the week with a story concept they can’t wait to write?

This free event is running from May 8th to 15th and doesn’t cost a penny.
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