Time To Switch Directions In Your Teaching?

Ever hit a roadblock in your teaching? Maybe what worked for child number 1 doesn’t work with child 2. Something just doesn’t sink in. You try. And try again. And try yet again. Repetition, drills. Nothing seems to work. Have you tried a totally different curriculum?

If your student learns best through his auditory senses, perhaps a dvd instruction guide could help in one or two classes (like Abeka dvd). Some children learn best with their hands. How about a hands on workbook educational experience (like ACE or Cle). Some prefer to learn through reading (try Sunlight).

All that said, we sometimes want to mix things up. I just got my winter Christian Light Education catalog. Biblically based, they have so much to offer. Some years I used it as the whole learning standard. Most years, I choose an elective or two, or even a problem area- like handwriting.

As a homeschool parent of more than one child, I am grateful for several children. I get to try out several publications in a single year. Oh, usually the basics get handed down for each child, but I do deviate. That reinforces their learning, as well as mine.