Thanksgiving Is Just Around The Corner

While Thanksgiving is just around the corner, we may have mixed emotions. Hooray for holidays! A day off from school! Family over (or traveling to them). Mean preparation. Excited children. How do you keep your sanity?

First, as homeschoolers, allow them to participate in everything. Little ones can spread marshmallows. Older ones can read a recipe and multiply accordingly. Allow them to learn how to cook a turkey, how to condiment the meal, how to plan enough for everyone coming. Homeschooling does not stop at holidays. You are passing down traditions far more important.

Next, what other lessons can you teach? How about gratefulness? With each potato pealed, they site one thing they are grateful for this year. How about writing a grateful item down and putting it into a bucket to be read on Thanksgiving?

Writing Truth has interesting ideas to incorporate the Scriptures into your thankfulness.

Some experts used to advocate elderly parents Not staying with children through the holidays. However, we homeschool. The children can learn from all adults. The adults can see what each child is involved in. Both help each other. Even when they see each other sporadically through the year, one can make the most of the time together. Try grabbing a book to read to the grandparents!

This is a time of year to be grateful for all we have been given. Let’s not ruin it by going negative.